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Noahide Nations is very proud to support Israel with 95% of the products that we carry in our store.  We recognize that you can purchase many of these items elsewhere but we ask that you consider that with every purchase you make in the Noahide Nations store and with every donation that you make you are supporting both Jews and Noahides around the world.  We can all make a difference in HaShem's Creation.

  • Super Offer Of The Day
    The Universal Garden of Emuna
    Paperback 363 Pages Author: Rabbi Shalom Arush Tranlated by: Rabbi Lazer Brody   Does life make sense to you? Are you looking for answers to life's riddles? Would you like to get rid of stress, anxiety, and depression? Do you desire a stronger connection with God in a non-denominational way? If you answer “..
    $15.30 $9.99
  • Super Offer Of The Day
    The Divine Code-2nd Edition
    The Divine Code is a comprehensive, clear, and expertly researched English-language guide for study and practical observance of the Seven Commandments for the Children of Noah (all non-Jews). It examines the Torah-law foundations and details of the Noahide precepts, and unlike the popular overviews that were available in the past, this authorita..
    $20.00 $12.00
  • Super Offer Of The Day
    The Garden of Peace
    Paperback 348 Pages Author: Rabbi Shalom Arush Tranlated by: Rabbi Lazer Brody   The Garden of Peace, Rabbi Shalom Arush's marital guide for men. The benefits that a husband will attain both on a spiritual and a material level defy description, once a husband gets to the root of his marital problems and makes his wife first ..
    $17.90 $8.00
  • Super Offer Of The Day
    In Forest Fields
    Paperback 385 Pages Author: Rabbi Shalom Arush Tranlated by: Rabbi Lazer Brody   Rabbi Shalom Arush's new book that we've all been waiting for. Hitbodedut, personal prayer is the number one proof that one has emuna. One who believes in Hashem speaks with Hashem. How can one claim to believe in Hashem if he does not speak to ..
    $14.00 $7.00
  • Super Offer Of The Day
    Recommended Prayers for Noahide Community Services and Personal Worship
    Softcover 84 Pages Edited by: Dr. Michael Shulman, Chaim M. M. Reisner, Emmanuel Villegas Approved by: Rabbi Moshe Weiner The intent for these “Recommended Prayers” is to provide personal, family, and now – congregational – prayers that are appropriate for Gentiles who follow the Noahide Code. As Noahide communities are gro..
    $13.95 $7.00
  • Super Offer Of The Day
    Women's Wisdom - The Garden of Peace for Women
    Paperback 414 Pages Author: Rabbi Shalom Arush Tranlated by: Rabbi Lazer Brody   New!!! The book "Women's Wisdom - The Garden of Peace for Women" from Rabbi Shalom Arush shlita, bestselling author of "The Garden of Emuna," "The Garden of Peace," "In Forest Fields," and more is finally here! The book, translated by Rabbi Laze..
    $19.90 $9.99
  • Super Offer Of The Day
    Chassidic Pearls
    Rabbi Brody's wonderful commentary on the weekly Torah portion. Includes short, simple, and inspiring parables and lessons for each Torah portion, and for special holidays and times of the year, you can share with the entire family. A must for every Shabbat table!   ..
    $19.10 $9.99
  • Super Offer Of The Day
    Let's Get Biblical Book
    Study Guide 423 pages Hardcover "Rabbi Singer’s in-depth study guide is unprecedented in scope. This 423-page expanded edition is packed with a wide range of articles, resources and contains an exhaustive index of scripture references, and is complete in a beautifully designed, hard cover." ..
    $24.99 $12.00
  • Super Offer Of The Day
    Path of Righteous Gentile
    Chaim Clorfene & Yakov Rogalsky 142 pages Hardcover For the past two thousand years, Christians and Moslems and every other religious group that has had the opportunity have been proselytizing to the Jews, telling them what their religious duty should be. The Jews, by contrast, have never actively sought converts to their own religio..
    $24.99 $12.00
  • Super Offer Of The Day
    The Noahide Code
    OUT OF PRINT - THESE BOOKS ARE ALL NEW CONDITION LIMITED QUANTITY Author: Alan Cecil 122 Pages Paperback Ever wonder why the trinity is not explicitly stated in the Bible? Ever wonder how a mid-first century Jewish sect turned into the Hellenized religion of Christianity? Ever wonder why many sayings of Jesus are missing in ..
    $35.00 $9.99
  • Super Offer Of The Day
    Tehillim (Psalms) With Rashi’s Commentary
    Translated by Rabbi Yisrael Isser Zvi Herczeg in collaboration with Rabbi Yoseph Kamenetsky Hard Cover/944 pages Since the Psalms are so essential to prayer, it is important to have a commentary for their study.  Tehillim, psalms, are recited by us all, yet how often do we crave deeper meaning in the timeless words? In this ground-bre..
    $49.99 $30.00
  • Super Offer Of The Day
    The Book of Our Heritage
    Rabbi Eliyahu Kitov Hard Cover/1230 pages A day-by-day guide to the Hebrew year and all of the Torah’s festivals.  Illuminates the many phases of the Jewish calendar – its holidays and festivals, fast days, and days of rejoicing and sorrow. It explains the meanings of the laws of observance and includes a wealth of Midrashic ..
    $79.99 $50.00
  • Super Offer Of The Day
    Gates of Repentance
    Rabbeinu Yonah Hard Cover/512 pages The Torah perspective on self-improvement involves paying close attention to character traits, and the classic Shaarei Teshuva provides a clear and precise road map for personal growth and spiritual return - as it has done for over 500 years. Feldheim proudly presents a masterful new translation of ..
  • Super Offer Of The Day
    Noah-Founder of Civilizations
    Wayne Simpson 114 pages Softcover The Story That History Forgot Everyone knows the story of Noah and the great flood. He lived 350 years after that cataclysmic event and, according to the Jewish Sages, eventually founded an academy to teach G-d's laws. Other accounts relate that prior to settling down to teach, Noah was engaged in re-bui..
    $20.00 $12.00
  • Super Offer Of The Day
    Halachos of Other Peoples' Money
    Rabbi Yisroel Pinchos Bodner Hard Cover/256 pages This valuable sefer outlines the relevant laws of handling other peoples' money--an extremely important area of halachah. From borrowing without permission, keeping money or merchandise sent in error, and the timely payment of wages, to leasing companies and when to return lost objects, thi..
    $26.99 $18.00
  • Super Offer Of The Day
    Twenty-Six Reasons Jews Don’t Believe in Jesus
    Asher Norman Paperback/274 pages In this seminal work, an attorney puts Jesus on trial, explaining to Jews, Christians and the theologically curious; why Jesus did not qualify as the Jewish messiah; why believing in Jesus cuts Jews off from G-d forever in the World To Come; how the Christian Bible has strategically mistranslated key verses..
    $24.95 $15.00
  • Super Offer Of The Day
    Money in Halacha
    Rabbi Yitzchok Silver Hard Cover/1025 pages 2 Volume Set A wide-ranging work on the laws relating to money matters. Written in a clear, articulate language, and sprinkled with stories demonstrating practical halachic challenges, as well as practical advice, this important work will help increase their knowledge of this important topic. T..
    $44.99 $30.00
  • Super Offer Of The Day
    The Concise Sefer HaChinuch by Rabbi Asher Wasserman
    Translated by: Rabbi Gershon Robinson Hard Cover/432 pages As Noahides, our primary obligation in life is to fulfill the will of our Creator as expressed in the Torah, and specifically, by way of the Taryag (7) Mitzvos as well as others that make sence because they benefit the world. It is therefore essential to know what these Mitzvos are..
    $24.99 $13.00
  • Super Offer Of The Day
    The Garden of Gratitude
    Author: Rabbi Shalom Arush Translated by Rabbi Lazer Brody Deluxe softcover, 384 pages "Gratitude, more than anything else, brings the world to a state of perfection." This is the English-language version of the Hebrew 'She'arav B'toda', a book that has become immensely popular in Israel. Rabbi Shalom Arush is the internationally- a..
    $21.40 $9.99
  • Super Offer Of The Day
    Noahide Prayer Package
    This price includes shipping! These three books have been recommended for Noahides to use for prayer, especially recommended by Rabbi Bloomenstiel of Yeshiva Pirchei Shoshanim! Outpouring of the Soul and Where Earth and Heaven Kiss focus on personal prayer as written by Rebbe Nachman of Breslov. The Divine Code Blessings Booklet was compiled..
    $26.00 $17.00

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