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This Give & Take Donation Program was inspired by the continued rising wave of insanity called Anti-Semitism.  Anti-Semitism is reported to be escalating in all corners of the world.  It seems that everywhere you look anti-Semitism is happening routinely, almost as a way of life.  Over our 15 year history Hashem has been putting elements in place so that Noahide Nations and anyone who wishes to join in the fight against the war going on to His "first born son", Israel, can do so.  Noahide Nations now has the capacity to effectively reduce and ultimately end the world war on the Jewish people.  With Hashem's help we now have an executable plan for success but we need your help in providing financial support to implement this plan.

When you purchase anything in this Give & Take Donation section you will receive the item of your choice for free.  You will also receive a certificate acknowledging and honoring your part in the resistance against anti-Semitism.  Anyone donating $100 or more will also have a tree planted in Israel in their name and receive a certificate of that as well.  Please help the Jewish people and the world.

Noahide Nations is a registered 501(c)3 organization in the United States.  Our charitable ID# 20-3301464-3

Israel Army Dog Tag
-25 %
Product Code: IDF Dogtag
These dog tags with the Hebrew word "Chai," meaning life, show your support for Israel and its right to defend itself.  Significantly, these tags also have the Traveler's Prayer in Hebrew on the back. Translated, the prayer reads "May it be Your will that You should lead us in peace and return ..
$15.00 $20.00
Product Code: Israel USA Flags
Size 1" (2.5 cm)Only 5 AvailableAre you a friend of Israel and stand with Israel?  Join us in declaring to the world that we stand tall side by side with Israel.  Limited quantity.Noahide Nations is a registered 501(c)3 organization in the United States.  Our charitable ID# 20-33..
Let's Get Biblical Set
Product Code: Let's Get Biblical Set
Collectors Set - This set can no longer be found for purchaseSoft Cover425 pages24 CD SetOnly 1 AvailableIncludes Tax & US ShippingRabbi Tovia Singer is widely regarded as one of the world's leading experts on Jewish evangelism, and his fascinating and inspiring book answers the age-old, n..
Let's Get Biblical Set II
Product Code: Let's Get Biblical Set II
Collectors Set - Amazon has this book, by itself, available for nearly $700.  See HEREOnly 1 Available24 CD Set472 pagesHard CoverIncludes Tax & US ShippingThis volume also contains the extensive references cited in the Let's Get Biblical 24-Part CD Series.Over the past two millennia, Chris..
Product Code: Mashiach
Chaim Kramer - Author Avraham Sutton - Editor 371 pages HardcoverIncludes Tax & ShippingOnly 1 AvailableWho is Mashiach? What leadership qualities will he possess? What will life be like after he comes? What is Mashiach's mission? What must he do to bring the world to perfection? How ..
Meditation and Kabbalah
Product Code: Meditation and Kabbalah
Author: Rabbi Aryeh KaplanSoft Cover353 pagesIncludes Tax & ShippingOnly 2 AvailableA lucid presentation of the meditative methods, mantras, mandalas and other devices used, as well as a penetrating interpretation of their significance in the light of contemporary meditative research. Medi..
Product Code: Money in Halacha
Rabbi Yitzchok Silver Hard Cover/1025 pages 2 Volume SetOnly 1 LeftA Comprehensive Guide to Business and Domestic Money related HalachosA wide-ranging work on the laws relating to money matters. Written in a clear, articulate language, and sprinkled with stories demonstrating practical halachic ..
Product Code: Sam Glaser Music Works
Nations of the World is a compilation of Sam Glaser’s most spiritual and moving songs, chosen to celebrate mankind’s universal vision of peace.  Sam is one of the top composer/performers in contemporary Jewish music, performing in over fifty cities each year with his top-notch eight-piece band...
Product Code: Outpouring_Soul
This price includes shipping!96 Pages, Softcover Translated by Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan, based on Rebbe Nachman of Breslov When the summer begins to approach, go out to meditate in the meadows. When every bush of the field begins to return to life and grow, they all yearn to be included in you..
Pharmaceutical Grade CBD Infused Body Balm
New -24 %
Product Code: Pharma Grade
                                 PAIN FREE RELIEF                     ..
$65.00 $85.00
Praying with Joy Vol. I
Product Code: Praying with Joy
Author: Rabbi Daniel Yaakov TravisNumber of pages256Hard CoverOnly 1 AvailableIncludes Tax & ShippingIf you want to elevate your prayers, to infuse your daily living experience with joy and spiritual connection, then look no further than this wonderful volume. Don't let its diminutive, compact s..
Purim Light
Product Code: Purim Light
Author: Rabbi Avraham Sutton186 pagesHard CoverOnly 1 Available The Baal Shem Tov said: "If we read the Megillah thinking that it's a story that happened long ago, and don't realize that it is happening NOW, we have missed the point of the whole thing."Purim Light, by renown..
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