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Noahide Nagid Credentialing

Noahide Nagid Credentialing

With the successful completion of this course you will be among the first non-Jews in history to receive a Graduation Certificate from an Orthodox Yeshiva


Noahide Nagid Credentialing

Noahide leaders are a necessary piece of the puzzle to effect change in the world.  By simply having an impact in your local community multiplied by 100, 1000, 5000, 10,000 other Noahide leaders having an impact in their local community is what will lead to this change in the world.  Thought will not make this happen, only action leads to change.

Nagid (Hebrew: נגיד‎), is a Hebrew term meaning prince or leader. This title was often applied to the religious leader in Sephardic communities of the Middle Ages.  For the purposes of the International Torah Fellowship, Noahide Nations and its subsidiaries, Noahide Nagid will be defined only as “Noahide Leader”.

A Noahide Nations Nagid will have successfully completed and been certified in the Noahide Laws Yeshiva Course that is currently being offedred in the Academy of Shem Noahide Yeshiva on the Noahide Nations website.  Once you have succesfully completed this course you will be eligible to complete the Nagid Clergy application and be qualified to have membership in the International Torah Fellowship. 

This level of certification from Noahide Nations and credentialing by Noahide Nations will allow an individual to apply for "clergy licensure" in their home state, county or city depending on the governing requirements.  Having a "clergy license" will allow you to, legally, perform Noahide weddings and funerals.  It will also allow you to visit patients in hospitals, start a prison ministry, start and build a Noahide group in your community, etc.  

The Nagid Credential will give you all the rights, privileges and the responsibilities of a Noahide leader and Moreh (instructor) for Noahide Nations.  Both men and women are encouraged to become a Nagid with the Noahide Nations and ITF organizations.

We hope you will join us in this "CALL TO ACTION".



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