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CBD Anise Tincture Drops

CBD Anise Tincture Drops
CBD Anise Tincture Drops

CBD Tincture Drops help with a multitude of health related issues.  100% THC Free

Anise works particularly well on calming and relaxing the mind and body.  Fantastic stress and anxiety relief.

Benefits of CBD Isolate can vary from person to person, but has been known to, help with pain relief, work as an anti-inflammatory, could help to reduce anxiety & depression . Also may help reduce acne. Can assist with fighting cancer, and help to treat parkinsons disease, can assist patients with epilepsy.


Best oils
In love with these products!!!! Can’t wait to try their new dab darts.

So Amazing
I looove this! Amie let me try a sample and I cant wait to buy one, it tasted so good.

Favorite Brand!
absolutely love how great all the flavors taste and how well they kick you in your butt!! definitely a great product with consistent quality!! Rastazea

Best Products in the Industry
I started with buying the CBD for my mom battling breast cancer & let me just say, she loves it more than any other products out there. She drops it in her tea every morning and after that she’s like a normal person again. I recently tried the disposables and man... BEST high I’ve had in a minute. Definitely buy from The Rooster.

So Good!
Was turned onto this from my bud gals in Vista and I am hooked! Some of the best oil around.

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