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Handbook of Jewish Thought Vol. 2

Handbook of Jewish Thought Vol. 2
Handbook of Jewish Thought Vol. 2
Volume 2 of 2
Author: Rabbi Ayreh Kaplan
Recommended by Rabbi Bloomenstiel from Yeshiva Pirchei Shoshanim for Noahides to read, this book is a thought provoking text discussing important ideas unfamiliar to the average person that form the backbone of Judaism. Beginning with the idea of G-D and his purpose in creation, this handbook goes on to show how this implies the concept of man , Israel, revelation, the Torah and the commandments. The concept of revelation is then developed to show how the Torah was revealed, the Bible written, and the Oral Torah transmitted. This in turn leads to a discussion of how authority in Judaism is defined, leading to a presentation of the concepts of the Sanhedrin, halacha, and custom.

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