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Whispering Soul

Whispering Soul
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Whispering Soul

Audio CD
11 melodies, 59 minutes

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Whispering Soul is the latest collection of Lazer Brody's original instrumental melodies, played on his native Land-of-Israel flutes with exquisite piano and synthesizer accompaniment by Jeff Horvitch. These melodies are the result of his personal prayers while roaming the inspiring Holy-Land countryside. You'll find this music soothing, relaxing, inspiring and rejuvenating.

A "Breslev Israel" production, this CD comes with a gorgeous full-color 28-page brochure that explains each melody as well as how to apply it to your own meditation, personal prayer, or simple listening pleasure.

Jeff Horvitch, one of Jewish musics leading arrangers and producers, comments on "Whispering Soul:" I can't begin to count or name the number of musical projects that I've been involved in.

'Whispering Soul' is not just another instrumental or relaxation CD; it's unique, and it penetrates right to the soul. It heals you and soothes you. Lazer Brody's flute music sounds like something that descended from the upper worlds - this album takes the listener to a place of happiness and tranquility.

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