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Nagid Candidate - Noahide Laws - Talmudic University Study Program

Nagid Candidate - Noahide Laws - Talmudic University Study Program
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The leadership program is committed to teaching valuable techniques and skills, as well as giving the resources needed to effectively build, sustain, and grow new Noahide communities. This includes creating a titled position to allow leaders to conduct legal marriages, funerals, and outreach to institutions such as prisons as well as create an opportunity for Noahides in the United States Military to become chaplains. All of these activities are necessary and essential for the Noahide movement, in terms of Noahide Nations' community building, to grow and develop.

Online Noahide Torah course on the Noahide Laws & Life Cycle. 

Taught by Talmudic University of Florida  


Next Session begins September 2019

This Noahide Torah Study Program may become known as the turning point of civilization and go down in history as one of the reasons the world came to live in peace.  Time will tell.

This is the only course of this type offered anywhere in the world. Upon your successful completion of this course you will receive a graduation certificate's from Talmudic University of Florida and Noahide Nations.  You will also have the priviledge of knowing more about the Noahide Laws from the sources than most Jews and non-Jews.

With your paid registration you will receive the following:

1)    One, one hour lesson per week until the program is completed.
2)    A pdf copy of the overview of the content being taught in each lesson.
3)    Private student access to the video/audio recording of all the lessons.  This includes audio, video and any documents used during class.
4)    A private email to the instructor to ask any additional questions outside of the classroom.

5)    Access to a private study hall where you can meet with fellow students to discuss and study the lessons.
6)    2 Graduation Certificates from Talmudic University of Florida and Noahide Nations.
7)    You will be qualified to become a member of the International Torah Fellowship (ITF).
8)    You may apply for Noahide Nations Nagid Status. 


Limited to 50 students for this course. 


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