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The Order: A Communal & Individual Noahide Siddur SC

The Order: A Communal & Individual Noahide Siddur SC
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The Order: A Communal & Individual Noahide Siddur SC

The Order
Soft Cover
345 Pages

Table of Contents

Message from the Founder                   11
Introduction                                             15       
Notes on Use                                           19

Daily Prayers                                          23
Weekday Morning Prayers                    29    
Daily Blessings                                         47      
Weekday Evening Prayers                      57      

Friday Night Prayers                           69      
Friday Night Meal                                   85
Prayers for the Seventh Day                 91
Seventh Day Morning Meal                 113

Prayers for Elul Repentence             117

Rosh HaShanah
    Introduction                                       147
    Evening Prayers                                 149
    Evening Meal                                      163
    Morning Prayers                                169
    Morning Meal                                     191

    Introduction                                      193
    Evening Prayers                                197
    Morning Prayers                               214
    Prayer for Rain                                  240

1st of Kislev
    Introduction                                     247
    Evening Prayers                              251
    Morning Prayers                             255

Day of Judgement for Grain
    Introduction                                   257
    Evening Prayers                            261
    Morning Prayers                           272
    Prayer for Dew                              280

    Introduction                               289
    Evening Prayers                         293
    Morning Prayers                        307
    Akdamus                                     319

Affirmation of Accepting the Seven Mitzvot        329

End note References                    333

Dear Noahide Nations,

I have just perused the entire book titled The Order. It is a long-awaited and therefore very welcome break-through work, a beautiful work, carefully and conscientiously constructed, with exquisite sensitivity to the meaning of each prayer. As with the Jewish siddur itself, the prayers herein so beautifully presented are a body waiting for its soul. May more and more people and entire congregations breathe life and soul into it, utilizing it as a launching pad for greater closeness to Ha-shem, for singing His praises, for thanking Him, for beseeching Him to hasten the great day when the entire world will be filled with the consciousness of His presence forever.

With blessing from Jerusalem,

Rabbi Avraham Sutton

This collection of prayers in The Order should not be considered completed nor definitive; only history can make such determinations. Noahism is in a process of renewal that is more innovation than it is resurrection. No Noahide liturgy or customs have survived from before Noahism’s resurrection in the 20th century. Noahism is still in its infancy, requiring much growth, scholarship, and labor to shape it into a fully coherent and cohesive religious faith and community. As it evolves, so too will its liturgy and modes of worship. This compilation provides a halakhic (Torah-law)-based structure and foundation from which Noahide liturgy may grow and develop.

Rabbi Avraham Chaim Bloomenstiel

The Order provides the means to choose the prayer life that works best for you while retaining the integrity of the halachic structure.

Ray Pettersen

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