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The Seven Laws of Noah

The Seven Laws of Noah
The Seven Laws of Noah

Author: Professor Aaron Lichtenstein
Hardcover Book
126 pages

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One of the first books published on the Seven Noahide Laws given by HaShem to Noah and his family.  This book is a detailed exposition of the Seven Noachide laws. The Seven Laws of Noah, the laws that, according to the Torah, are meant to govern the lives of all non-Jews, is a subject that is little-known and often misunderstood. If the non-Jews in the world were to adopt these laws en masse, that in itself would redefine the scope and nature of world history and current events. In this detailed exposition of the subject, Rabbi Aaron Lichtenstein thoroughly explains each of the Seven Laws. With the existence of a growing Noahide movement, this book is more relevant than ever before.

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