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Noah-Founder of Civilizations

Noah-Founder of Civilizations
Noah-Founder of Civilizations

Wayne Simpson
114 pages

The Story That History Forgot Everyone knows the story of Noah and the great flood. He lived 350 years after that cataclysmic event and, according to the Jewish Sages, eventually founded an academy to teach G-d's laws. Other accounts relate that prior to settling down to teach, Noah was engaged in re-building a global society. Noah: Founder of Civilizations is about the nation-building work of Noah, his sons and the cultures that sprang from their work. It shows how those early societies were able to follow the Universal Laws of Righteousness to live law-abiding, upright, and peaceful lives for several generations . It also reveals the evil forces that ultimately destroyed what had promised to be a golden age. Originally printed in 1601 and said to be based on ancient writings of Berossus, historian Wayne Simpson has brought this controversial book into modern times and language.

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