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01 The Order of the Seven Commanments

01 The Order of the Seven Commanments
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The Seven Laws of Noah Downloadable Audio - Intro Class 1 - Taught by Rabbi Zvi Aviner

Learn here about the Story of Creation, Noah’s Flood, and Noah’s Seven Commandments in a compassionate way.

The Course leads you, step by step, up the ladder of Noah’s Seven Commandments, which is the base of the moral fabric of our nation (as recognized by the USA Congress.) The classes are on IDOLATRY, ADULTERY, BLOODSHED, THEFT, INJUSTICE, BLESPAHMY and MERCY (the Prohibition to eat BLOOD and a Limb from a Living Animal.) Study each class then proceed to the next class.

The order of the classes follows the Book of Genesis. The stories and concepts are drawn from thousands-years old Jewish literature, like the Midrash, Talmud, commentators and Kabalah. More importantly, the material is encored in Jewish customs, prayers and liturgy; some dated to the Holy Temple of Jerusalem.

Students have maintained that these classes have introduced them to the vocabulary and spiritual milieu of the Second Temple Judaism, which is the base of Christianity. Here you’ll discover the origin of ideas that have shaped our world, like the coming Reign of Mercy, the Heavenly Kingdom and the Eternal Sabbath. Whether you’re a Christian, a Muslim or a Jew, you’ll find these classes illuminating and inspiring.

Noah is the father of all Mankind. Hence his teaching is the roots of all faiths. Noah‑by the very meaning of his Hebrew name‑is a pleasant and accommodative teacher. His wife’s name, Naama, means the same. Learn about both of them, about their falling in love, and about their fascinating families and treacherous times. You’ll find that nothing is new under the Sun, and that we are still facing a similar moral discourse.

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