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2008 World Conference Vol. 04-Rosh HaShana and the B'nai Noah

2008 World Conference Vol. 04-Rosh HaShana and the B'nai Noah
Brand: Noahide Nations
Product Code: WCNN2008DVD04
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Availability: In Stock
$10.00 $2.00
Price in reward points: 65

Rabbi Zvi Aviner has been teaching Noahides for many years and has been teaching in the Noahide Nations Torah Learning Center for nearly 2 years. He presents a beautiful presentation of Rosh HaShana and what it means for Noahides and why we should celebrate it. Rosh HaShana is a celebration of Creation and in particular the creation of Man by G-d. It is also the day that all of Creation will stand in Judgment by Elokim including Mankind. Rabbi Aviner’s marvelous teaching on Rosh HaShana should certainly be heard by all of Mankind, and one day all the nations will understand why they should be celebrating this important day in Creation. The depth of this teaching by Rabbi Aviner will benefit all who watch, listen and learn.

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