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Creation or Science? The answer is: “Yes!”

Creation or Science? The answer is: “Yes!”
Brand: Noahide Nations
Product Code: Creation_Science
Reward Points: 2
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Price in reward points: 30

In this two-part audio Torah lesson, as part of his “7 Noahide Laws” class, Rabbi Tzvi Aviner identifies a correlation between the latest scientific evidence of how the universe was created and Genesis Chapter 1.  Rabbi Aviner goes on to show that the knowledge necessary to write Genesis Chapter 1 did not exist in any of the scientific or spiritual disciplines in the time of Moses. Finally, Rabbi Aviner proves that the more science learns and improves it’s knowledge of creation, the closer is has come to correlate to the narrative of Genesis Chapter 1.  This is a phenominal 2 hour audio journey that answers the age old question of our existance; is it Creation or Science?

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