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Chofetz Chaim: A Daily Companion

Chofetz Chaim: A Daily Companion
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Chofetz Chaim: A Daily Companion

Pages: 282
Full Size Dimensions: 6 x 9 inches
Pocket Size Dimensions: 4 x 6 inches

He is as alive today as he was when his masterpiece on the laws of speech first appeared. The Chofetz Chaim’s influence continues to grow, as thousands upon thousands adopt his message that the tongue can be a priceless tool or a lethal weapon.
This new book is a vital gift for those who “wish to live” and “guard their tongues,” and long to learn how.

Rabbi Yehudah Zev Segal z’’tl, the revered Manchester Rosh Yeshivah and perhaps the last great disciple of the Chofetz Chaim, prepared a schedule of study that would guide the reader through the master’s classic code of proper speech. With this schedule, the reader reviews these vital laws three times a year.

What may one say? What must one say? How should it be phrased? What is forbidden? How can one be in violation without saying anything? The questions are many. The answers are vital and they are here.
Special section on shidduchim: One of the most perplexing and important dilemmas is how to respond to questions about shidduchim. The futures of families are involved. Feelings. Sensitivity. The opportunity to shape lives for good or ill. One wants to say the right thing -- but what is it? What information must be disclosed and what must remain confidential? In this section, which appears nowhere else, these questions are answered.

Whether as a study guide or standing on its own, this work is a superbly wrought guide of the laws of proper speech, as the Chofetz Chaim himself set them down.

Table of Contents
Preface: The Destructive Power of Loshon Hora
Day 1: The Source of Exile
Day 2: Irrefutable Proof
Day 3: Satan's Accomplice
Day 4: Satan's Strategies
Day 5: The Sefer's Structure
Day 6: Sound Advice
Introduction: A Torrent of Transgression
Day 7: A Historical Perspective
Day 8: A Wholesale Sin Market
Day 9: Warning Signs
Day 10: Corrective Measures
Day 11: Arrogance and Disgrace
Day 12: Two-Facedness and Revenge
Day 13: Do Not Follow the Crowd
Day 14: Causing Strife and Hurt
Day 15: Sin upon Sin
Day 16: Flattery
Day 17: Remembrance and Love
Day 18: Favorable Judgments and Financial Assistance
Day 19: Rebuke and Economics
Day 20: In the Palace of the King
Day 21: The Elderly, the Family
Day 22: The Value of Time
Day 23: To Walk in his Ways
Day 24: An Object of Curses
Laws of Loshon Hora
Chapter 1: In Any Shape or Form
Day 25: The Truth Hurts
Day 26: The Baal Loshon Hora
Day 27: A Time to Sacrifice
Day 28: Points to Ponder
Chapter 2: Public or Private Information
Day 29: Wholesale Destruction
Day 30: The News is Out
Day 31: Limitations
Day 32: Secrets
Day 33: Past Misdeeds
Day 34: Committee Meetings
Day 35: Lectures
Chapter 3: -Present or Absent; Humorous or Serious; Harmful or Derogatory
Day 36: Misconceptions
Day 37: Humor
Day 38: The Power of Speech
Day 39: The Best Defense
Chapter 4: Between Man and Hashem
Day 40: The Self-Righteous Speaker
Day 41: Judging Favorably
Day 42: Rebuke
Day 43: A Time to Speak
Day 44: Handle with Care
Day 45: Constructive Purpose
Day 46: Repairing the Damage
Chapter 5: -Between Man and His Fellow; Character Deficiencies; Merchandise
Day 47: Between Man and His Fellow
Day 48: Opinion
Day 49: Intelligence
Day 50: Dangerous Conjectures
Day 51: Marketing Tools and the Power of Two
Chapter 6: --Listening to Loshon Hora: Prohibitions, Parameters and Practical Advice
Day 52: The Art of Listening
Day 53: Constructive Listening
Day 54: Standing Firm
Day 55: Think Positive
Day 56: Action without Judgement
Day 57: A Proper Mindset
Chapter 7: Listening to Loshon Hora: Specific Situations
Day 58: Jumping to Conclusions
Day 59: Double Trouble
Day 60: Split Personalities
Day 61: The Trustworthy Witness
Day 62: Casual Remarks
Day 63: Weighing the Evidence
Day 64: Two Conditions
Day 65: Monetary Disputes
Chapter 8: The Speaker, the Listener, the Subject
Day 66: Family Talk
Day 67: Children
Day 68: Torah Scholars
Day 69: Defining the Apikores
Day 70: Putting Out the Fire
Day 71: Between Husband and Wife
Day 72: To a Non-Jew
Day 73: Safeguarding One's Surrounding
Chapter 9: Avak Loshon Hora
Day 74: The Perils of Praise
Day 75: A Time to be Silent, A Time to Rebuke
Day 76: Basic Training
Chapter 10: Toeles-Constructive Purpose
Day 77: The Seven Rules of Toeles
Day 78: Impure Intentions
Day 79: Subjective Listening
Day 80: A Preemptive Strike
Day 81: Bypassing Rebuke
Day 82: Beyond Reproach
Day 83: Ulterior Motives
Day 84: The Art of Self-Defense
Day 85: A Necessary Review
Day 86: Be Prepared
Day 87: Who's to Blame?
Laws of Rechilus
Chapter 1: Prohibitions, Parameters, Practical Advice
Day 88: Rechilus
Day 89: Third-Party Support
Day 90: Misconceptions
Day 91: A Worthwhile Sacrifice
Day 92: For the Sake of Peace
Day 93: Subtle-Incitement
Chapter 2: Public or Private
Day 94: Ambiguous Statements
Day 95: Public and Private Information
Chapter 3: Present or Absent
Day 96: In the Subject's Presence
Day 97: Second-Level Rechilus
Chapter 4: Old Information
Day 98: Fanning the Flames
Chapter 5: -Listening to Rechilus: Prohibitions, Parameters, Practical Advice
Day 99: Listening vs. Accepting
Day 100: Acting upon Suspicion
Day 101: Inside Information
Day 102: Subjective Thinking
Chapter 6: Listening to Rechilus: Specific Situations
Day 103: Compelling Situations
Day 104: A Tragic Episode
Day 105: At Home
Day 106: A Man of Trust
Day 107: With Innocence
Day 108: Informers
Chapter 7: The Speaker, the Listener, the Subject
Day 109: Between Parent and Child
Day 110: The Ignorant and the Scholarly
Day 111: Relatives and Non-Jews
Day 112: Threat to Familial Peace
Chapter 8: Avak Rechilus
Day 113: Avak Rechilus
Day 114: A Touch of Ill Will
Chapter 9: Toeles - Constructive Purpose
Day 115: Constructive Rechilus
Day 116: Threats
Day 117: Flouting the Law
Day 118: Negative Support
Day 119: A Shrewd Operator
Day 120: After the Fact
Day 121: Friendly Incitement
Day 122: Avoiding Blame
Afterword - Illustrations
Day 123: Risky Partnerships
Day 124: Stumbling Blocks
Day 125: Destructive Labeling
Day 126: Serious Flaws
Day 127: Financial Commitments
Day 128: In Closing

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