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The Halachos of Maaser Kesafim

The Halachos of Maaser Kesafim
The Halachos of Maaser Kesafim

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The Halachos of Maaser Kesafim: The Laws of Separating a Tenth of One's Wealth for Tzedakah

Rabbi Yisroel Bronstein
Hard Cover/174 pager

Ma’aser Kesafim, giving one-tenth of one’s wealth to tzedakah, is a confusing topic to many. Time and again halachic questions arise: What exactly are the things that are obligated in ma’aser – money, or even goods and wares? What about items received as a gift and what if the gift was given for a specific purpose? What is the obligation regarding financial support received from parents as compensation for a loss? Can ma’aser kesafim be given to an organization or an institution? Can it be used to purchase a seat or an aliyah in shul? What about purchasing sefarim?

This informative book answers these and other questions, from their fundamental guidelines to their practical applications. Annotated, with numerous contemporary rulings on issues that impact our daily lives.

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